10 Reasons why you should choose Onebip’s subscription service

Subscription payments also known as “recurring payments” or we, the mobile payment industry geeks like to call it “push payments”, is a way to charge your users periodically for example, daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly. Onebip offers subscription services in several countries around the world.

In this month’s Tip of the Month I’d like to explain why many of our partners are using Onebip subscription services today and how they’re achieving a predictable and constant revenue stream while maintaining a loyal user base.

1. Powerful Engine

Onebip has a powerful subscription engine designed to manage “everything” related to subscriptions.  When I say ‘everything’ I mean all the complexities and differences of the mobile networks’ technology and the billing mechanisms which are supported by our engine.  This is possible thanks to its “independence” from the code and from the billing solution such as PSMS, mobile direct billing and IP billing payments.

Our subscription engine doesn’t only provide intelligent retry billing rules for subscription activations and renewals but it’s also a smart billing system that activates and renews the subscription even though the user is short of a credit balance that’s enough to activate or renew the service.

2. Subscription-optimized Flows

Onebip is a unique service because it offers the one-click authorization flow on mobile and the best converted acquisition flow on the web channel thanks to its user interfaces and screens which have been optimized according to user behavior for subscription payments in each country.  An optimized user experience means better conversion rates and increased revenue.

3. Experience

We’ve been managing subscriptions for top online brands over the last five years and we’ll be able to share what we’ve learnt to help you acquire users and maintain their loyalty effectively.

4. Compliance

Thanks to Onebip’s local presence and expertise, your service will be fully compliant with the mobile networks’ subscription rules which will reduce the risk of the service interruption to the minimum.

5. Effortless Service Launch

Mobile networks have their own subscription rules and we will need their approval before we can launch your service to be fully compliant. Onebip’s business team will automatically get these approvals for you in advance thanks to our local direct relations with mobile networks.

6. Easy Integration

We provide the easiest programming interface for setting-up your services. We will not provide you complicated service documentations or the pages of technical specifications you must follow but we will give you a 24 characters alphanumeric ID which will contain the details of the service such as the price, frequency and the description and will make the technical integration easier for you.

7. Customer Care

We provide a customer care tool and localized call centres to help you cancel and refund subscriptions. We also have an “Unsubscription/Blacklist Service API” which will allow you to change the status of a service from “active” to “inactive” and give you the opportunity to “blacklist” one or more MSISDNs.

8. Subscription Panel

We have a dedicated subscription service panel where you can monitor, manage, visualize and keep statistics for all your subscription services.

9. Control

We provide you with the “Back-Office Service API” for retrieving exhaustive and asynchronous information, the “Real-Time Notifications Service API” for real-time notifications for subscription events and status updates (activation, renewals, cancels) and the “Check Subscription API” for finding out a single user’s active subscription services. We’re always listening to customer feedback to ensure we build solutions and features that are beneficial for our partners.

10. Get started

It’s easy to get started, all you need to do is get in touch with your account manager if you’re already working with us or email our team at partner.relations@onebip.com


Editor’s note: This is part of a monthly blog series by Gokmen Atak, Onebip’s Product Offer & Quality Specialist.  Gokmen aims to share his “Tips of the month” which includes product features and updates that Onebip partners can take advantage of to improve their mobile payment offering.  Please feel free to add your comments at the end of the post.