Onebip announces 1DK: the integrated payment & advertising in-app solution for all Android developers‎

Press Release

Onebip announces 1DK: the integrated payment & advertising
in-app solution for all Android developers‎

In-App billing or advertising? We are taking away the monetization dilemma from app developers

Milan and Tel Aviv 9th May 2015 – Onebip, the global mobile payment company of Neomobile group, announces a revolutionary integrated payment & advertising solution for monetization, designed for Android App developers‎: 1DK, one kit to monetize them all.

Monetization in the main app stores is the biggest challenges for Android App developers today.
And complexity is the additional hurdle, too many SDKs, too many analytics tool, each one covering a frame of the puzzle

Leveraging on 10 years of expertise in monetization, Onebip offers today an innovative one stop shop solution that blends payment and advertising in one simple tool: 1DK. 1DK is One Solution, One Integration, One Intelligence, One Dashboard

1DK is an innovative kit that unifies and optimises monetization via in-app advertising and in-app payment, in a combined and synchronized way and in a single integration for Android App developers.

The in-app payment is focused today on the best direct carrier billing user experience, via the Onebip single-click payment flow. Carrier billing is the only truly global mobile payment method, reaching up to 7 billion mobile users, compared to just 1,5 billion credit card owners.

The in-app advertising is the fastest growing stream in the digital advertising space, expected to reach $17 billion by 2018 (source). 1DK allows in-app advertising monetization through the integration with leading adnetworks and ad exchanges, in programmatic RTB fashion.

The main features of 1DK are the unique dashboard that allows tracking of all downloads, advertising, payment and monetization data, and the intelligence system, with seamless in-app payment and real-time algorithm that allow the fine tuning and improvement of advertising campaigns leading to a better ROI.

But the 1DK is designed as an open and dynamic tool to evolve in the hands of the Android developer community. That is why Onebip is launching a Alpha program where a first set of selected app developers would be invited to join, with special rewards in terms of commissions and marketing budget.

The 1DK has been announced yesterday by Onebip CEO, Gianluca D’Agostino, during Israeli Mobile Summit in Tel Aviv.
Commenting on this new product Gianluca said: “Working in the mobile commerce space for so many years, we have analysed the issue many app developers face to monetize their apps.
With 1DK we aim to revolutionize the way app developers can monetize and by simplifying the technical integration, we provide a one stop shop solution, be it in-app payment or advertising” “Basically, we are bringing the high conversion rate of carrier billing to ANY mobile app developer”
“And now we wish to involve a big community of great developer in this revolution: help us improving 1DK
and we will source together new streams of revenue out of the dominant app stores”  was the conclusion message addressed to the audience.



Onebip, the global mobile payment company of Neomobile group, has a global coverage supporting 250+networks in more than 70 countries.

Founded in 2005 as the first mobile payment service of the world, Onebip enables merchants to seamlessly monetize digital goods and services to their users on a global scale. It also provides users with a simple, secure and fast way of paying for their purchases via mobile without the need of a credit card or bank account.

Onebip. boosts today its web and mobile solution suite with a new tool designed for the App ecosystem, leveraging on 10 years of industry experience and €1bln+ commerce transactions generated so far.

For more information visit 1DK.onebip.com