The global carrier billing revenue will reach more than $24,7 bn by 2019, OVUM research finds

A new report from OVUM powered by Neomobile (soon to be published), entitled ‘Global carrier billing market trends and forecasts’, estimates the increase of carrier billing connections and the global revenues, including the rapid growth of the mobile digital goods share. Discover more details in Neomobile’s latest Press release

Neomobile’s Press release provides an insightful look into the report that focuses on carrier billing market and technology, its evolution, geographic highlights and forecasts of the future trends.

Carrier billing – definition, market dynamics & forecast

Ovum defines carrier billing as a technology that enables mobile users to make payments to third parties through their monthly phone bill or prepaid credit, and covers direct operator billing, PSMS, and WAP/Web billing, with the latter two primarily belonging to the feature-phone era.

The spotlight today is on a direct operator billing – a direct link between third parties and an operator’s billing system. This payment system provides a seamless user experience, it is flexible, reliable, and instant, with a real-time reporting on transactions and user experience. The report also focuses on the role of important role of aggregators, especially those “born-mobile” as Neomobile.

With the overview of the market in its entirety, the report forecasts that global carrier billing revenue will reach more than $24,7 bn by 2019 – a significant increase compared with previous reports published on carrier billing.

The important findings refer to Neomobile’s addressable market, including online games, social media companies, independent stores, and mobile content that represent 82% of the global carrier billing market in 2014.

Neomobile strongly believes carrier billing to be the next big thing in the payments market and a key monetization model in the App and Mobile Web App ecosystem. For more information on Neomobile’s future investment in technological development, new partnerships and innovative new products and services please consult our latest Press release.