Onebip marks 5 years of subscription management with launch of Subscriptions for Android

We’ve launched a new subscription payment service for Android devices today. Onebip released its first subscription service in 2005 and has successfully managed subscriptions for top global online dating and networking sites since 2008. To celebrate this milestone, we’ve further enhanced our offer by introducing Onebip Android in-app for subscription payments. Read more

Onebip to speak at PHP Day, Italy 17 – 18 May

phpday2013_logo The Onebip Tech team will be attending and speaking at this year’s PHP Conference in Verona, Italy from 17 to 18 May 2013. As a Platinum sponsor, we’re proud to be part of the first Italian conference dedicated solely to PHP development, technologies and management.  PHP Day aims to share new development trends, best practices and success cases related to quality, revision control, test-driven development and continuous integration. Our very own Onebip developer, Giorgio Sironi, will be joining the international line-up of speakers with his talk: ‘The test suite is slow’.  Giorgio’s session on Saturday (4.30 – 5.00PM CET) will look at the deployment of all the strategies known to rhetorical analysis essay help man to reach a fast test suite, from profiling to caching to Fake collaborators, multiple stages and projects and a hint of parallelism.  Obviously, it’s all based on PHP code. Here’s a quick summary of the event When:                  Friday 17 – Saturday 18 May Where:                Via Longhena, 42, 37138 Verona — Italy Event:                 PHP Day is a conference dedicated solely to PHP development, technologies and management. Onebip talk details When: Saturday 18 May from 4.30 – 5.00PM CET Where: Track 2, Room 2 Speaker: Giorgio Sironi, Onebip developer Topic: “The test suite is slow” For more information, visit By Onebip Marketing

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Onebip at Mobile World Congress 2013 (Updated)

The Onebip team attended this year’s Mobile World Congress 2013 together with our Neomobile colleagues at Hall 2, Booth 2 MR 252 and were busy catching up with our partners and friends. Here’s what Neomobile and Onebip were up to over the last few days at Mobile World Congress: The Onebip team were busy meeting our partners at the Neomobile booth: Neomobile’s CEO, Gianluca D’Agostino, spoke at the Back to the Future: Mobile Innovation 2023 panel on Wednesday 27 Feb.  The session aimed to predict the mobile future through pitch presentations from a panel which were then voted by the audience. There were lots of interviews going on with the media at the event including MEF TV and Mobile Entertainment. Neomobile was also approached by Intel to take part in their 60 second insights video blog: For more details on what Neomobile were up to at MWC, please visit  

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The PHP User Group

On Thursday we were at the Milan PHP User Group. It is one of the many associations composed by developers in Italy, belonging to a network of PUGs that ranges from Turin to Rome and Friuli. Once a month, instead of going to an happy hour, some programmers go to a PUG meeting, where one members presents a new tool, methodology or experience. The sessions last from one to two hours, and may be theoretical or practical depending on the topic. pug2 This time it was Gaetano Giunta’s turn: he presented the experience of porting eZ Publish 10 years old codebase to a new architecture based on Symfony 2 and its components, an effort started 2 years ago by a team of more than ten people. pug1 It’s not easy to apply the new cool things you learn at PUGs and conferences to your projects, because you’re not starting from a green field but rather from a brown one. It’s important to keep in check the needs of stakeholders (customers and the company) while  the legacy code is cleaned up and made more robust, more pleasant to work with, and most of all easier to modify to follow the market. Gaetano will held a full version of his talk at phpDay, where we will be present as a Platinum sponsor.

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Coaching with Andrea Provaglio

This week we brought in the Agile Coach Andrea Provaglio and our company coach Mauro Cuomo for a two-day session oriented to improve the way we work in the team, and the management of external urgencies and blocks. In the first day, we held one of the periodical Retrospective meeting, time that is specifically allocated to reflect on the last weeks of development and to produce a list of actions to strengthen successes and resolve problems. For example, one of the successes in this retrospective was the creation of end-to-end tests for our subscriptions service in a new country, Mexico; one of the problems to improve upon was the setup of all our projects for integration on a development machine, which should take less time and energy than what it currently does. The retrospective was elaborated upon by Andrea as an excuse to give us tips for an efficient meeting: we plan to cut down on the time required for a restrospective by 30%. The end of the first day and the start of the second were focused on a large concern of Agile processes: the negotiation of scope, time and cost. We explored many ways of measure our work, from story points to Pomodoros, but the most important is to begin with a goal in mind: the efficient way to introduce metrics is to only start measuring the ones that support a goal of the team such as being able to estimate the time to release a feature; not to track them “just in case” for future usage. In the end of the second day, we took advantage of Andrea to work a bit on our soft skills, in particular on pair programming. Everything in a pairing session – from the use of language to the position of the keyboard – influences the result. In our case, the goal of pairing is to transfer knowledge from one person to another in order to increase our bus factor. So while teaching during a pair session the navigator has to balance between giving a solution and asking the right questions, in order to develop problem solving in the driver instead of just making him better at typing with the keyboard. All in all, these days of coaching has increased the morale of the team and give us many improvement tips. Now is the time to act and make sure we apply what we have learned during the workday. — Giorgio

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