Italian Agile Days 2015: Onebip’s Giorgio Sironi on Property-based testing

Giorgio Sironi, Onebip’s programmer, participated at the latest edition of Italian Agile Days, held in Brescia, Italy, on 6th and 7th of November 2015, where he held a session “Property-based testing: extending examples to a specification”

  The Italian Agile Days is a free conference dedicated to Agile methods for development and project management software that gathers software developers, project leaders, IT managers, testers, architects, and coaches who have experiences to share, or that are only at the beginning. The event provides great opportunity to exchange ideas, with 3 main focuses: the practical knowledge, the field experience and active involvement of all participants. We talked with Giorgio on the importance of the conference and it’s highlights. He confirmed that “the event has been *the* Italian conference dedicated to the evangelization of Agile methods for the last 10 years and more; the Italian Agile Movement is definitely not jumping on the Agile certification bandwagon but has been there from the start instead”. The event highlights were, in Giorgio’s opinion, Kanban metrics presentations from Sky UK, dedicated to lead time and other measurements with a wink to the #noestimates movement and the measured incorrelation between estimates and actual time elapsed for the development of user stories, and a keynote by Sam Newman from Thoughtworks, the inventor of the term microservices, about the history of distributed applications starting from RPC and WS-* SOAP up to where we are now, RESTful services. If you are interested in Giorgio’s session on Property-based testing: extending examples to a specification click here to find more details on the topic or download slides.

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