Mobile Payments for …. Life? Turkey is a teaser for the future

Mobile ticketing in Turkey 1 I’m sure that if you have been working in the mobile payment industry for the last 5 years you’ve heard at least one the following  terms quite frequently: NFC, Direct Billing, Mobile Wallet, Mobile Cash, In-App purchases. When I hear those terms, I usually find myself thinking that all those terms are “future promises and dreams” believed and shared by industry specialists themselves.  Because last year, even in a progressive market like Turkey, only 6% of handset owners made a mobile transaction and 95% of those transactions were on the Web. So in fact, despite all those “cool terms” mentioned above, mobile payment is only a “check out” utility as of now. But it can be more… Mobile ticketing 2 According to me, people talking about NFC, Mobile Wallet, Mobile cash etc. are like people talking about Gyroscope, a tool that is meaningless for the end user but capable of changing the entire market if you combine it with the suitable technology. This is what happened when iPHONE embedded the gyroscope and changed the entire smartphone market. For me and for all the Neomobilers/Onebipers in Turkey, Mobile payment is the gyroscope of the “shopping” industry… if you combine it with the right technology and best fit service. And when you are talking about technology and best fit service in Turkey, it is natural that Neomobile Turkey and Onebip, officially declared as the best mobile payment provider by Turkcell, leads the market. Since 2012, Neomobile Turkey and Onebip have been providing innovative mobile payment services integrated with Smart Ticketing, a ticketing implementation where user’s receive tickets in an SMS format with encyrpted ticket information. Starting from September 2012, thousands of tickets of all the matches of the Turkish National Football team in Istanbul were sold by Neomobile with our Smart Ticketing platform. For those who want more detail let me paste the “call to action” message for the service that is self explanatory: “To watch the Turkey –Romania Football Match at Fenerium Level H stand, Text BILET to 3544 and receve your SMS Ticket. Price 30TL. CC:5327557775.” The service was very well accepted by the end-users, Turkish Football Federation as well as Turkcell. Koray Ozturkler, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Turkcell stated: “We are glad that the Smart Ticket revolution that we recently launched with TFF to make soccer lovers’ lives easier is spreading out internationally through our collaboration with Neomobile”   And indeed the Smart ticket revolution continues in Turkey. Let me give you two other examples: The first one is again related to Football. As you may know,  FIFA U-20 World Cup is hosted by Turkey from 21 June to 13 July!  Our National team was one of the favorites of the tournament  and indeed we were very optimistic to win the title.. But they have been eliminated quite early. However…. I am very happy to announce you that Neomobile Turkey is already “the champion of the tournament” as a technological partner! We launched our “smart ticket project” for the Turkish U20 Team’s matches during the FIFA U20 tournament. It was the FIRST implementation of Mobile Payment & Mobile Ticketing in FIFA’s tournament history. Neomobile not only “mobilized” Turkish football but also the World Cup this time.   Read more information on the FIFA U20 M-ticketing project here The Second one is related to the entertainment industry. This Summer Neomobile and Onebip will also be mobilizing the movie industry: Kucukciflikpark Summer Movie Center in the heart of Istanbul will be selling tickets for the following shows… only on mobile on our Smart Ticket platform: July 16: Pacific Rim, July 21: Man of Steel, July 31: Smurfs2, August 13: Iron Man 3. So thanks to Neomobile Turkey and Onebip and its innovative operator partners, Turkey became the “use-case” of mobile payment implementations of… life! Stay tuned… and be prepared to hear more from us … mobilizing the transportation industry soon maybe? By Serkan Akkaya, Business Operations and Marketing Manager at Neomobile Turkey/Onebipвзять срочный займ на карту без отказавзять кредит онлайн