Onebip data insights: Discover the spending habits of online gamers worldwide

online_gamer_spending_habits banner Today we’ve published a detailed global analysis of our online gaming partners’ customers’ buying behaviour to uncover the spending habits of the world’s online gamers. We’ve also created an infographic to showcase our findings graphically (at the end of the blog). After analysing millions of transactions across 65 countries over the course of a full year, we can share the following highlights: –  Global online gamers spend an average of €4.73 per microtransaction. – Online gamers see value in higher priced in-game transactions via carrier billing – an increase in the value of the highest price point available leads to an increase in the average transaction value. – Gamers spend the most on microtransactions during the summer period. – Mobile carrier billing is increasingly being seen as a legitimate alternative to credit card and Paypal.

Higher price points = Increase in average transaction value

The average spend per transaction in Switzerland tops the global list at €15.09 due to the fact that carriers in the country allow gaming companies to charge much higher price points to gamers that pay using carrier billing compared to other countries. Actually our analysis found that there was a direct correlation between countries offering higher pricer points as an option and an increase in the average transaction value. Gaming companies operating in bigger markets to Switzerland such as Turkey experienced an increase in average transaction value and revenue when higher price points were made available by local carriers. As carriers introduce more flexible and higher pricing options and more advanced billing technologies, carrier billing will gain further traction for game companies that use it as a key payment channel.  We predict that in markets such as Turkey and Spain where carriers have introduced higher price points recently, our online gaming partners will see an increase in their revenue and average transaction values.

Global gamers love the summer

As predicted the winter holiday period is the busiest time for online gaming spend (11%) but gamers spend more money during the summer months of June, July and August than any other point in the year at 30%  The quietest months are April and May.

Saturday only sees a small spike in spending

Although most transactions happen on a Saturday when compared to the rest of the week, the spike is not that significant at just 1 – 2% difference.  This shows that gamers tend to spend using mobile payments via carrier billing consistently throughout the week.

Late night UK gamers

Whilst analysing data from the UK, we found an unusual spike in spend activity during the hour of 22:00 GMT where 13% of all daily transactions were taking place.  This is a sharp increase from the hours before and after – 21:00 and 23:00 – where only 3% and 5% of daily transactions were taking place. While the maturity and penetration of mobile carrier billing varies from country to country, the overall statistics make for very interesting reading into the buying trends of gamers around the world.  Onebip’s data demonstrates the growing adoption of carrier billing as a fast and safe payment method for gamers and an effective way for online gaming brands to maximise their revenue. For further details and a full list of the figures, please read our PRESS RELEASE

An infographic of the key statistics can be found below:

Online gamer spending habits infographic_August2014    взять срочный займ на карту без отказавзять кредит онлайн