Onebip introduces Trusted Direct Carrier Billing flow for Vodafone in Spain

As part of our aim to continuously develop and introduce new Onebip products and features that can help our partners further monetize their goods and services via carrier billing globally, we’ve partnered with Vodafone to introduce Trusted Direct Carrier Billing for desktop web, mobile web and in-app payments in Spain.

Trusted Direct Carrier Billing offers a faster, quicker and simpler flow for users compared to the traditional Direct Carrier Billing flow since there is no redirection to the carrier hosted page and the payment page is fully-customizable which allows merchants to take control of the look and feel of payment pages to create a customized and fully branded user experience.

Vodafone’s trusted service works through PIN authentication flow on web and with one-click flow on mobile web and in-app channels which leads higher revenue share, better conversion rates and increased billing success rates. From our observations, conversion rates will increase up to 5% with the trusted flow.

Onebip Mobile Payment API automatically delivers Trusted Direct Carrier Billing to the merchants approved by Vodafone with the most optimized design according to the user’s device, operating system and browser.

If you would like to find out more about the advantages of this solution, you can get in touch with us today at partner.relations[@]onebip.com.