Onebip’s migration to Amazon Web Services

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By Giorgio Sironi, Onebip Tech Team

After several months of preparation, in the last weeks we have finally switched our traffic to hit our Virtual Private Cloud on the Amazon Web Services data centers.

This move lets us spin up and down new servers automatically, depending on the load Onebip is experiencing; this load varies during the day and during the week to peak during weekends and holidays.

For the more technically inclined of you, there is a series of articles that summarize the technical challenges our DevOps team has encountered during the move, along with the process to perform an incremental migration instead of a Big Bang move.

Part 1 focuses on the new architecture and how we started new front end servers in the cloud to experiment without disrupting the service. Optimization of the traffic between the physical and the virtual data centers followed.

Part 2 explains the database physical migration with a master-master configuration, and the new backup strategy which let a daily backup being performed in seconds.

Part 3 is the story of the final night when we took the plunge and move all traffic and web servers, with the corollary of testing payments and deployment processes on the new data center to resume the continuity of service.