Since 2012, Onebip has been providing innovative mobile payment services integrated with Smart Ticketing, a ticketing implementation where users receive tickets in an SMS format with encrypted information. Since September 2012, thousands of tickets to all the matches of the Turkish National Football team in Istanbul have been sold through Onebip via our Smart Ticketing platform.

In summer 2013, we launched our “smart ticket project” for the Turkish U20 Team’s matches during the FIFA U20 tournament. It was the first implementation of Mobile Payment & Mobile Ticketing in FIFA tournament history. 

Over the same period  Onebip made the movie industry go mobie: Kucukciflikpark Summer Movie Center in the heart of Istanbul sold tickets for the gala shows of Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, Smurfs2 and Iron Man3, only on mobile via our Smart Ticket platform using mobile payments.

In late 2013 Onebip continued its “mobilisation” mission with Istanbul Ferries carrying 2.5 million passengers per year and showing once more that an Innovative Payment Provider can really change lives. Again, Onebip technology provided a solution easing the lives of customers.

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