Why Subscription service launches are easier with Onebip

Editor’s note: This is part of a monthly blog series by Gokmen Atak, Onebip’s Product Offer & Quality Specialist.  Gokmen aims to share his “Tips of the month” which includes product features and updates that Onebip partners can take advantage of to improve their mobile payment offering.  Please feel free to add your comments at the end of the post.

In the last 2 Tips of the Month, I covered the topic of Onebip’s subscription solution. First, we listed 10 reasons why you should choose Onebip’s subscription services and then I explained two new innovative features: “Split billing” and “Pending users billing” that will maximize the billing success rate for subscription transactions and secure a constant revenue stream. In this Tip of the month, I would like to tell you why subscription service launches are easier with Onebip compared to other payment providers.

There are 2 important aspects that make launching a subscription service different (maybe a little harder) to one-time services. First of all, mobile networks have stricter regulations for subscription services and usually want to see the service and approve it before approving it for launch. This “mobile network approval process” can either be immediate or can take up to weeks depending on your payment provider’s relationship with the mobile network. Secondly, the technical integration provided by other payment providers for subscription payment is very different to one-time payments. The difference and technical effort needed depends on how your payment provider will manage the complexity such as setting up the renewal frequencies and tariffs or integration with the reporting and notification services.

Considering these 2 aspects of the subscription service and after years of experience in subscription management, Onebip has designed a 4-step service launch approach. We follow a communicative approach by avoiding complicated set-up screens, tools and procedures in order to make subscription service launches as easy and as quick as possible.

The 4 steps to launching a subscription service can be found below and is also available in our latest API Version 4.0.6:

1. Launch countries:  To start with all you need to do is inform your Onebip account manager of the countries you’re launching your services in. Thanks to our strong presence, expertise and close carrier relationships, we keep up to date with all the country and carrier regulations. We will manage the complexity of different country regulations to ensure that your service is fully compliant with the mobile networks’ subscription rules and reduce the risk of service interruptions to a minimum.

2. Technical Integration: The technical integration for subscription-based payments is very similar to one-time payments. If you are already using Onebip for one-time payments, this integration will be even easier for you. Indeed, that’s why both one-time and subscription payment integration specifications are available together on the same API which you can find in our website.

The images below illustrate the HTML codes for HTTP GET requests for one-time and subscription payments to show how similar they are and how easy it is to configure:

One-time payment request:

Tip of the Month Sept 2013 One-time code

Subscription payment request:

Tip of the month sept 2013 Sub code

3. Mobile network approvals: While you are busy with the technical integration and testing, the Onebip business team will obtain the mobile networks approvals for you (you don’t have to do anything). Thanks to our direct connections and direct relations in every country we offer subscription payments this process will be painless.

4. Subscription service ID: We will not provide you with complicated set up screens, tools or documentations to set up your subscription service period, price, service description which you usually need for technical integration. All you need to do is share these subscription details with your Onebip account Manager who will give you a 24 character alphanumeric ID as seen as “service_id” on the Subscription payment request image above which will contain all the information which you can use for the technical integration process. Subscription service ID is the key which makes integration easier and faster.

If you want to integrate your subscription service effortlessly, then get in touch with your Onebip Account Manager or contact us at partner.relations[@]