Tip of the month

Tips of the month USE OUR CHECK SUBSCRIPTION API AS A QUICK TOOL TO FIND YOUR USERS’ ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES Editor’s note: This is part of a monthly blog series by Gokmen Atak, Onebip’s Product Offer & Quality Specialist.  Gokmen aims to share his “Tips of the month” which includes product features and updates that Onebip partners can take advantage of to improve their mobile payment offering.  Please feel free to add your comments at the end of the post. We’re always listening to our customer feedback to ensure we build solutions and features that are beneficial to them. In this case, we received feedback from our customers who were using our recurring billing for subscription service and developed the Check Subscription API to meet their requirements. In addition to the back office service which allows merchants to retrieve exhaustive and asynchronous information for their subscription based payments in Onebip and the real-time notifications about events and status updates, we have introduced the Check Subscription service. With this service merchants can now make real-time requests to Onebip to retrieve information for a single user to find out the users’ active subscription services and other subscription information.   How does it work? The Check Subscription API should be called on HTTPS, with the GET method, using a simple URL containing the subscriber’s MSISDN. In response, the Onebip API will return an array of information such as service and subscription ID’s, status of the user’s subscription (active, terminated or renewal) and activation date. For more details about the Check Subscription API and to start using it, get in touch with your Onebip Account Manager or on for more information.    взять срочный займ на карту без отказавзять кредит онлайн