We love physical interaction. (Pun intended)

Digital project management & lean thinking solutions is what Onebip does best.

By Jacopo Romei, Onebip Lean Manager

It has always amazed me how some nerds refuse the value of physical interaction. Oh, don’t think ill of me! I just mean the interaction between human beings and their tools! Since the rise of the digital era, the amazing features of digital products increasingly enhanced and trapped people’s capability to leverage their tool’s potential. What kind of digital tools am I thinking about? Project management, flow tracing, task assignment and time tracking systems are top of my mind here and though many following thoughts could be applied to any digital tool, we’ll only stick to project management ones for the remainder of this article.

What we appreciate about digital tools:

– their bulletproof never-forgetting memory

– their capability to overcome geographical distance

– the instant communication they allow

– the chance to interact with ‘things’ and people in new ways

– their reduced impact on environment

My point is that while we must acknowledge the value lying in a digital tool, this comes with some loss.

That’s the main promise of tools like Microsoft’s TFS: they enable us to instantly interact with each other even across continents, with no waste of time, paper and details, which gets recorded ad aeternum in the cloud. This is wonderful but not a panacea.

In a healthy work environment we need more. We need some radiation of information, we need to select relevant events and make them predominant over the will to watch them. In most of the typical digital project management tools information is buried behind a thin but sticky wall of clicks and small delays that all together just prevent people to be reached by information rather than just reach for it. And that’s costly, because in mission critical business quickness of reactions is paramount.

At Onebip we love Lean Thinking and we have used physical kanban boards for years. Still we were missing something when working with people working remotely with our team. This video shows an interesting solution our team came up with, exploiting a Kanbanize account and some cool electronic gadgets! Enjoy!