Operating a game server with Onebip

Integrate your game server with Onebip

It’s very easy to operate your game server with Onebip. Onebip is ready to support your Minecraft, Huntworld, Rust, 7Days to Die, Ark, Atlas, CS GO, FiveM, Space Engineers, Team Fortress 2 and many more servers. Onebip is working with Craftingstore, Donationstore and Tebex to enable you a very easy and smooth integration.

You can enable Onebip within just a few click and we are ready to support you on your endeavour into the world of gaming!

Give your players an easy way to pay, and partner with Onebip to enable mobile payments (DCB – direct carrier billing) or ISP payments on your server in order to monetise unbanked users.

Setup your game server with Onebip

You want to know more? You want to setup your game server with Onebip? Get in touch!