What can Onebip do for you?

Onebip will help you to grow your business and increase your number of inGame /inApp purchases by adding a distribution channel through Onebip and enabling users to pay for your game in new ways. Onebip is offering the best possible checkout experience for users and keeps the payment process safe and secure. Onebip is the best choice for DCB gaming & online dating monetisation.

Increase your revenues

Use Onebip to increase your inGame/inApp revenues. Onebip enables you to make a purchase using your mobile phone bill/credits, ISP or some of the most popular wallets. Onebip uses DCB (direct carrier billing), PSMS (premium sms) and other payment methods.

Prevent consumer fraud

Onebip uses a sophisticated anti fraud system to prevent social engineering attacks to cheat on the payment.

Reach a wider audience

Onebip offers marketing support in promoting your games or applications to reach a wider band of users for your games.

Who can use Onebip

Anybody that want to monetise their inGame/App content can become a partner of Onebip. All that needs to done is getting in touch with our sales team.

App Developers

You are having an app that you need to promote and monetise it.

Gaming Developers and Publisher

You are gaming publisher / developer and want to enable unbanked users to pay in your game?

Gaming enthusiasts

Onebip is out of the box integrated with Gaming Server providers like tebex, craftingstore or donationstore.

Online Dating Services

Onebip offers an unique technical platform for online dating providers to handle inApp purchases.

Some of our partners

What makes Onebip special?


We have a track record of integrating our products and services quickly and efficiently. We do this so that you can start maximizing your revenue as quickly as possible.


We take safety and security very seriously and have strict processes in place to eliminate the risk of fraud.


We’re always working on innovative mobile payment solutions that deliver the best user experience. Onebip’s technology is optimised across multiple devices and networks to ensure the best customer experience.


We make sure we keep close to key carriers worldwide so that we’re the first to discover new services that can benefit your business, so we can ensure the highest service standards and directly address your needs to the carrier and get the best possible DCB, PSMS rates


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