Answers to common questions below...

How does it work to pay by the phone?

There are different ways of making a payment with your phone. The all start by entering your phone number on the website of Onebip. To complete a payment you will either have to enter a PIN code or follow instructions received by text message.

Who can pay with the phone?

Everyone that has a mobile phone can pay with in if there are sufficient prepaid credits available or in case you have a contract with your phone provider, the payment will be added to your next invoice.

I have a charging from Onebip on my phone invoice. Why?

It seems you have made some sort of purchase. To give you a more detailed information about the spendings you have made please visit our selfcare portal. It will show you when and what you have purchased.

I have a received a text message from Onebip, but I do not know what it is about!

It might have happened that someone made a typo on entering their phone number and you have accidentally received a text message from us. If you have not started a payment transaction, do not reply to the text message, and do not share a PIN code with anybody.

Someone asked me for PIN code on social media.

It seems someone tried to trick you into giving out your personal data, phone number and PIN codes. First of all, do not share a PIN code over social media. Onebip services cost money. If you have shared a PIN code contact our support team right away! Make a screenshot of the conversation on Facebook // Instagram or wherever this has happened and report the profile on the social media website for abuse. Check our info page about phishing.